Certifying Courses

Holistic Doula & Birthkeeper Training

Teaching birth workers how to go above and beyond, to love, respect and support pregnant and birthing women in a holistic way!

The only program out there that teaches actual ADVOCACY & traditional, holistic skills that have been lost in the mainstream overtaking of the meaning "Doula."


Placenta Preparation Course

How to be 'the cake' maker of the birth world!

Learn how to encapsulate the placenta, prepare a placenta tincture, utilize the placenta in ways beyond consumption, truly understand the placenta and it's many variations, and all that you need to know about this glorious, temporary organ our bodies so wisely make for us and our babies.


Peer Lactation Counselor

Train to work as a breastfeeding professional, educating and supporting mamas through breastfeeding successes and struggles.

In this course, we dive into the complexities of breastfeeding as well as all the amazing benefits and uses of breast milk.

We not only navigate nursing complications, but walk through pumping, breast health, supplementing, and more. Every journey is unique and we believe counselors should be well versed on all options!


Holistic Fertility Doula

Everything you need to know about monitoring, tracking, documenting, and evaluating your fertility.

Have you thought beyond the physical when it comes to fertility?

Do you seek to assist families in truly holistic, complete fertility support?

We take you through the in's and out's of the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of fertility, and how to best support all families on their journey.

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We have THREE glorious, information-packed bundled packages.

Please review the content and certification requirements, then join us at: herbal.teachable.com