Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we take the courses?

All of our listed Certifying and Educational courses can be done completely online!

Our courses can be found at any time at

We do offer hands-on training events which can be done in addition to or in lieu of your online training but are not required. However, they can be used towards your final project, if applicable.

Is this program applicable and legal for my state/country?

Luckily, at this time, doula support, lactation counseling, placenta services, and fertility guidance are unregulated in most states, and countries. Double check your state laws if you think doulas may be regulated in your state as of now.

If this doesn't make sense to you, email us and we are happy to further explain.

Why choose this program over another?

We offer an exclusive student Facebook group for our courses where you can chat with other students, graduates and your teachers.

We are truly natural-minded and for the birthing women and birth workers, we are not conditioned by the medical industry, and we will not limit you from what types of births you attend.

We also teach business strategies and techniques that are important to know when getting started. This is not just courses of birth education with no logistics on how to apply your knowledge and skills. We want successful birth attendants all over the world!!

Are you currently accepting students?

We are ALWAYS accepting students, year round, 365 days a year.

You do not have to wait for us, you can enroll at 2 AM if you feel called to it!

Since our courses are all online and we have flexible schedules as moms and birth workers, we are able to accept you when you are ready to start, there is no waiting period.

Are there required pre-requisites to this course?

None of our courses have mandatory pre-requisites.

They are wonderfully fit for all levels of knowledge and experience.

How long does it take to get certified?

That is dependent on YOU!
Your work ethic and pace determines your finishing point. We recommend one module a week.

Once you complete all exams in each module, and the final project, you will receive your virtual certificate within two months.

What does the certification say when you receive it?

The certifications we offer are as follows:
"Holistic Doula & Birthkeeper"
"Placenta Preparation Specialist"
"Holistic Fertility Specialist"
"Peer Lactation Counselor"

Our program also offers something unique!

If you need to customize your certificate for any reason, simply specify that in your Course Completion email as directed in the course.

What does this mean?

Some people do not care for the term "Doula" and therefore request to only have "Holistic Birthkeeper" on their certificate, and we are happy to accomodate custom requests. We want you to be completely fulfilled with your certificate, so please help us help you - ASK!

Is this program accredited?

No way! We never will be!


We allow our students autonomy.

Accreditation = putting out the information that the industrialized birth system wants you to put out. The system does not recommend that doulas "advocate" as it may be perceived as "medical advice." The system does not recommend that doulas attend unassisted births. The system would never encourage someone to be a Traditional Midwife, even in states where it is completely legal to do so.

We absolutely see the desire someone might have to say they attend an "accredited" program, but we personally will never stand by accreditation or regulation of any kind of birth attendant, ever.

It is completely up to you the way your journey unfolds. What aligns for you?

How many courses do you have available?


We are constantly adding to them too.

Check them out at at your convenience!

How do I sign up?

Go to and select the course you are interested in!

Email Us