HERBAL’s Code of Ethics & Standards

It is so important that when choosing a program to certify through, as a birth professional, that you align with their values, as you will carry the same reputation around with you, in your career!

Many doula programs carry a code of ethics that absolutely forbids their birth professionals from speaking to providers, even just to ask them a question, or the programs strictly prohibit unassisted birth. Here at HERBAL, that is not our style.

As an HERBAL birth, lactation or placenta professional, you are expected to uphold and exemplify the following: Support AUTONOMY – always encourage and assist with obtaining full informed consent for your clients

Use Discretion, Common Sense and Respect – If something does not feel safe in any setting, in your work, you are not obligated to sit on it and not speak/do anything. We never recommend being aggressive, rude, or acting as a medical professional.

Serve Fairly To Yourself & Others – Keep an open mind with the clients that you serve, but we also support you declining and referring out clients that you feel you cannot serve fully whether this be due to scheduling, birth space safety, or simply a lack of connection. Though, we are an inclusive program, and we do not tolerate clear discrimination based on race, gender identity, nor sexual orientation.

Always Be HONEST! We encourage you to enhance your community, and this includes protecting and serving those that you may never even meet. This is a broad concept and can be used how you see fit. Initiating programs to educate, reporting toxic/abusive providers, hosting classes/meet ups, participating in legislation to protect birth professionals and women, and more are great ways that you can enhance your community. (We would also love to get involved in anything you do to enhance the community, and we will promote it, let us know!)

Refund and communicate with your clients professionally, where it is appropriate, we recommend contracts so the terms of refunds and payment are clear. Breaking your own contract could not only result in legal action from your clients, but if the actions are seen as inappropriate and unprofessional, your certification may be revoked.

There is absolutely no reason to ever threaten, intentionally assault, coerce, demean, or slander clients, fellow birth professionals or any individual in your community, and it will not be tolerated by HERBAL, either, and is grounds for removal of your certification.

By taking this course, you are acknowledging the fact that we are not medical professionals, nor offering medical advice. This course is based on the research and opinions of collectively knowledgeable and experienced birth workers that simply want to educate others and create a tribe of natural-minded professionals. You agree that we are not legally responsible for any results based on the information in this module, you are an intelligent being capable of using your own discretion in your own business. By taking this course you are associated with HERBAL. You may choose to advertise that way and may use this knowledge freely to educate your clients and others, but you are not to take and use this information and label it as solely your own. You agree that you will not share the content with anyone outside of the course, nor will you allow one access to your account to acquire information. We hold the right to remove students from our program and revoke certifications from those who are found slandering the company, sharing information, or practicing harmfully associated with the HERBAL name. Should you be found doing any of the above, you will be subject to copyright and plagiarism laws, a cease and desist, and prosecution.

Should you have a claim or grievance against one of our certified HERBAL professionals, please contact herbalbirthkeeping@gmail.com, state your grievance, feel free to provide any evidence, and we will investigate appropriately. Please give us 2-10 business days to respond to your grievance. Thank you and we express our condolences for your poor experience.