Meet the Team!

Desirae Miller

Desirae Miller is a mother of five, based in Pennsylvania. What lead her into the birth field were her first two births. Those deliveries took place in hospitals, she found those experiences to be a disservice and began her journey looking for what physiological birth truly was.

Her 3rd birth was an unassisted home birth on International home birthing day, this experience lead her into the birth field. She was on a mission to change birth as we know it by educating and empowering women! She focuses more on fertility, natural birth, home birth, and unassisted birth. She attends home births as a traditional midwife, full time.

Taylor Bland

Taylor is a mother of two earthside baby boys. After the homebirth transfer of her first baby, she knew that there was more to birth, and midwifery than what she experienced and she relentlessly fought to give others a much more magical birth.

Through journeys of midwifery assisting, being a surrogate, and primarily serving as a doula in the hospital for years, she learned the trauma and major downsides of licensure and medicalized, governed birth. Being placed in a position to sub out attending a home birth in place of her mentor, which had many variations of normal, lead to her solidity in trusting birth. Her first loss at 18 weeks really locked in the trust within HERSELF, which even further grounded her into the safety of birthing untouched.

Finally, she received her rainbow into her arms in a completely unassisted home birth, and her passion and intuition to help others experience the same has simply heightened ever since. Taylor served the birth community in Florida for nearly seven years and now attends births in Central PA.