Chasteberry Herbal Use

February 24, 2020

Chasteberry (Vitex)

This amazing little herb can be life changing for those struggling with infertility, menstrual problems and more!!

It works by stimulating dopamine production in the brain, balancing the levels of prolactin, estrogen, progesterone and LH in the body.

It can also stimulate opioid receptors, giving you a little buzz or pain relief from strong menstrual cramps!

It is also beneficial in balancing melatonin, helping you sleep.

It is a natural inflammatory, which is of large benefit to those with endometriosis.

There have been several studies around the world showing the benefits of chasteberry for fertility enhancement, PMS relief, reduction of menopause symptoms, inflammation, acne, excessive body hair and uterine fibroids against a placebo!! There is science behind the claims which is always a plus!

You can find it in the wild and pick it yourself if you know what you're looking for.. as well as purchase a tincture or supplement of it at your local herb or health food store.

*Chasteberry has also been shown to be helpful for men's prostate health, safe for breastfeeding (there are claims of it increasing breast milk due to balance of hormones) and safe to use in smaller doses for children*

Agnus Castus is the Homeopathy name in case anyone needs that!