Fetal Membranes - The Biological Bandage

July 20, 2020

Fetal membranes and a cord keepsake (the heart), draped with amnion membranes

Are you aware that fetal membranes hold qualities that may be useful in the home down the road?

In fact, fetal membranes have been used in the medical establishments for nearly a century (documented, anyway) for many purposes! A few of those purposes have been:

- Thoracic surgery (mainly for surgical closure) 
- Cartilage and joint repair
- Reconstruction of ocular surface damage  
- Wound management
- Spinal repair
- Severe burns
- Tendon and ligament repair
- Chronic skin ulcers 

How, though?

Our amniotic sac is made up of 2 layers, the amniotic and chorionic membrane layers. The amnion is the innermost layer that is in contact with the amniotic fluid. The chorion is the outer layer; both with healing properties. One can easily separate the two layers by manually pulling them apart. The amnion will be more transparent, while the chorion will be more translucent, and a bit harder to see through.

Fetal membranes contain stem cells, and stem-like cells that hold regenerative medicine and healing properties, scientifically explained in the links below. Studies show that placing membranes on a "boo-boo", wound, burn, etc. may be helpful in the healing process.

How do I keep/preserve my membranes?

You would preserve them by dehydrating them! The same thing one would do with an umbilical cord keepsake (also pictured). Pulling or cutting them away from the placenta during preparation, and placing them on parchment paper in the dehydrator. You know they are done when they are no longer moist, crackly (without cracking), and firm along the outside. Store in a dry and safe location.

When needed, break/cut a piece off that will be fitting for the ailment, place it in water until it is re-hydrated and able to be flexibly placed on the ailment site.

Done having babies, but wish to utilize this remedy?

Call your local farmers! Ask if you can pick up the membranes from their animal births. They might think you are insane, but they also might be well educated on the topic and utilize it for the same purposes themselves! It's worth a shot.

Dehydrated fetal membranes and a cord keepsake, draped with membranes (the heart)

For more information on the scientific aspects and history of use, checkout these links below: