Valerian Root Herbal Use

February 23, 2020

Valerian Root (Valeriana Officinalis) - Health Benefits

Binds to serotonin receptors and activates adenosine receptors, which both are key factors in getting sleep!

Inhibits prostaglandin over-production, so if you are struggling with pre-term labor due to an incompetency in your cervix, this may serve as a benefit by adding it to any other medications or supplements you may be taking to keep your baby baking longer. This is also important to note for those with painful menstrual cycles, reduction in your prostaglandin can make a difference in your pain!

Reduces cortisol levels that can be damaging to your cells and harmful to your adrenals, causing all kinds of sporadic symptoms. If your adrenals are in over-drive due to too much cortisol production, you are not properly functioning. Cortisol can even cause oxidative damage in your brain causing memory loss.

Contains Valerenic Acid which increases GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) the main inhibitory neurotransmitter for the nervous system. This has a very important role in your body, regulating the nerve impulses to retain muscle tone, reduce anxiety and allow for a peaceful rest at night. Balancing your GABA also provides a natural anti-inflammatory effect on your body. This is why Valerian Root is considered natures Valium. Deficiency in GABA has been linked to anxiety, ADHD and OCD.

Contains Iridoids which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.

Contains Isolvaleric acid and Hesperidin, which prevents involuntary muscle spasms, this can be extremely useful for those with epilepsy, Tourettes, soothe Braxton Hicks and more. This relaxes blood vessels and allows them to expand and stay wide for proper blood flow through the body.

A month long study of people with insomnia showed that with a SINGLE dose of valerian root, their deep sleep immediately showed improvement. It also has been shown to reduce startles and awakenings in the middle of sleep for those with cancer, arthritis, PTSD, Hypothyroidism, HIV & Benzo Withdrawls WITHOUT counteracting with other medications, but it may increase the strength of the medication depending on what it is, especially in tincture form.

Best of all, there is NO risk of dependence..

So what are the list of potential benefits to summarize?

-Better, deeper sleep
-Reduce anxiety
-Improve Stress Management
-Relieve symptoms of hyperactivity disorders
-Improve focus
-Reduce menstrual cramp pain & menopause symptoms
-Increase heart & overall health
-Lower blood pressure
-Ease Restless Leg Syndrome
-Reduce amount of seizures in those with Epilepsy
-Reducing & Preventing Vertigo and dizzy spells
-Relieve digestive problems
-Improve memory & cognitive function
-Help with Fibromyalgia
-Lower bad cholesterol and prevent kidney damage from over processing fats
-Increase dreams (which are great for the mind & body, look into REM)
-Migraine & Headache reduction
-Joint pain relief
-Sciatica pain relief
-Reduce tremors
-Improve mood disorders such as depression & bipolar

*Use proper dosing based on your method of consumption and own personal discretion as valepotriates are toxic to liver cells (non-carcinogenic) when over-used, even though this would take a very large dose over a long period of time to do so.. Valerian root has never been studied or approved by the FDA on pregnant or nursing women but thus far all the studies show no harmful side effects in general on the body other than in over dosage*